How to Wake up Feeling Happier

Much of what we discuss on this site is pointless if you’re not personally happy to begin with. This may seem like a deviation from our usual topics, but personal happiness really is a precursor for success in all other arenas of life.

Our physicality is usually in the spotlight and while there is nothing wrong with that, people very often forget about their emotional well-being which is important to physical health as well. It can change a person’s life if they treat both their body and their mind and emotions with the same care and are aware of the state they are in. Felling happy as often as possible can change the way we see the world and take on tasks at work or at school; it can change the way we interact with people and the way take on new hobbies turning them into passions. The emotional state of a person holds more importance than many people believe. But what bring happiness to a person? Often saying ”I want to feel happy” doesn’t bring solutions or way to get there.

Happiness can be found in many things and it can consist of many other emotions combined in one. When we feel these emotions for a prolonged period of time, it is easier to say that we live as happy people. So, what are those emotions? One could be a feeling of calm when routine worries fade away from our mind and cannot take control of us, or an overall sense of fulfillment with the way we spend our lives. Starting the day in a good mood is a great way to create a bit more happiness in our lives. There are routines or small habits one could adopt.

• Go to bed knowing what you will be doing tomorrow to create a sense of calm because you will not be faced with the unknown when you wake up.

Surround yourself with people you like spending time with throughout your day to wake up feeling excited about the new day and spring out of bed.

• You could sneak in 10 minutes of doing yoga and practice mindfulness through meditation.

• Do something you love every morning even if you can only spare 5 minutes, be it writing, drawing, or singing. Our colleague Thomas, over at, is a huge karaoke enthusiast, for example. He likes to start his days singing along to his favorite music. This is perfect because he can still get one song in right when he wakes up, even if he only has a few minutes to spare.

• If you are not the creative type but still adore art and literature, read a page ot two of poetry or anything else you enjoy.

• There are thousands videos online of comedians. Put some on while you get ready in the morning. You can even go on and tell some jokes to people you love and make their mornings better as well.

For some philosophers, happiness is not something that happens just because we want it to. Some consider it a skill that needs to be honed to achieve a life of happiness. Being mindful of what your emotional state is and what directions it is going in is the best way to build that skill. Look after your emotional well-being and educate yourself on those states. Learning more about yourself as a person and what negatives to letting go of will benefit you greatly, and it will have you waking up in the morning happier and readier to take on the new day.

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