Newton’s Complex and Euler’s Formula

What do Newton and Euler have in common? Well both are revolutionaries who gave us formulas and equations that helped shape the modern world. Forget the world of banking for once, if you look at the complete economy and interaction of various variables, the complexities involved and wish to understand even a tiny fraction of it all you need geniuses like Newton and Euler.

Granted Newton wasn’t exactly influential for the banking sector but his theories are nonetheless important.

Take the universal law of gravitation for instance. Without this theory a major part of how the world works would be lost on us forever. Gravity, one of the few fundamental forces in the universe was an unknown variable until Newton found and defined it with his famous gravity formula. By the way, he did all this with the help from fellow scientist and astronomer, John Kepler. Some even say that he may have plagiarized a little off the work of Robert Hooke.

Space missions operate off this equation and did you know satellite television would have been impossible without Newton and his formula?

Let’s Go Complex

From Newton let’s move to complex numbers. You probably know the “i” in mathematics and its significance. Did you know that a gambler is accredited with its discovery and his name was Girolamo Cardano? Later on Bombelli and Wallis expanded the series. Modern scientists and economists together believe that it was the complex number that helped technology grow. Digital cameras, electric lighting and so much more would never have existed had it not been for complex numbers. They are just as integral in economics too except, only the really gifted mathematicians understand complex number equations at first glance.

Polyhedra Anyone

Euler in the meantime did give us the polyhedral and this is not known to many – both the equation and what it is meant for. In simple terms, it describes and structure or shape’s space irrespective of its alignment. Initially described by Descartes, later Euler published it after proving and refining it. This equation plays an integral part in topography and is essential to the works of biologists and engineers alike. In fact, it is on the basis of this equation that DAN function and behavior hinges!

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