Eight Men Own More Than What 3.6 Billion People Do

In January 2017, total of eight men own almost equal to what the poorer half of the world’s population does. Just take a moment to process this information before elaborate further.

In a recent estimate according to the newspaper, The Guardian, 62 people had the same net worth put together as the poorest 3.6 billion. With more accurate data gathering this number has now reduced further and the total number of folks who equal the 3.6 billion poor of the world now is statistically proven to be 8.

Nearly 800 million people, which amounts to one in nine go to bed without eating enough. In other words these are the malnourished unfortunates of our planet. While 800 million wake up uncertain of whether they can eat in the day, 8 men in some other part of the world wake up with billions in their account, invested globally, having slept like a baby.

While it is easier to vilify these eight individuals, the fact is this elite group includes the world’s biggest philanthropists as well. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett to be particular have been major proponents against the economic inequality seen in the world. They fight to make better laws and improve practices that can reduce the disparity. What does this then signify?

The answer is a broken economy. To narrow this economic gap requires more than just these eight men. Rather, it requires all of us to do a lot more towards the underprivileged of the world.

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