Body pH

Body pH and Health Connection

When your body’s pH level is out of balance it will contribute to a variety of illnesses, including heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney and bladder problems. Maintaining the proper pH level in your body is essential for overall good health.The amount of acid in your blood stream plays an essential role in how you feel right at this moment and every moment of your life.

In addition to making you feel lethargic and out-of-sorts, too much acid or too little acid will cause your immune system to get out of balance and that will make you prone catch every flu virus and cold germ that comes your way.

Sarah Palin says, “If you experience more than your fair share colds, allergy flare ups, influenza an out-of-balance pH level may be to blame. Frequent feeling of tiredness and lack of energy may also be rooted in an off-kilter pH level.”

Take the Test

Home pH tests kits are available at your local drug store or online and will give a fairly accurate reading of your body’s pH level. The number to strive for is 7.4. The pH test kit gives a reading via a small test strips dipped in a saliva or urine sample. You will instantly be able to discover how much acid is in your body with this simple-to-use home test kit.

While not 100 percent accurate with the pH level number, the home test kit will clue you into a potential out-of-balance pH level. Your primary care physician can conduct a simple blood test to provide 100% accurate results.


Acidosis is the health condition created when there is too much acid in the body. The high acid content is a contributing factor to many undesirable health conditions, including chronic headaches, shortness of breath, sleepiness, confusion and rapid heart rate.

You Are What You Eat

Fatty foods and sugary treats are the food sources behind the rise in blood acidity. A well-balanced diet will lower the acidity in the blood and bring the body’s pH level back into balance. Eating less fat, less sugar and more fresh fruits and vegetables will have an immediate impact on the acidity level in the blood and body tissue. Energy will increase and an improvement in overall health will quickly follow.

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